A World of Culinary Possibilities

Your imagination isn’t confined by four burners.
Why should your cooking be?

The freedom of a flat-top grill with the precision to simultaneously heat up many pots to different temperatures. HotSpot CookTop was built for people who love to cook.

Never Compromise.

The HotSpot CookTop provides the precision control and flexibility to cook however you desire.

Pixelated Grill

The flat-top grill is the workhorse of the restaurant kitchen, providing unparalleled flavor. Now you can cook on a flat surface in your own kitchen, using a pixelated grill that can still function as a traditional cooktop.

Assistive Cooking

From customized suggestions to step-by-step guided recipes to dynamic heating gradients based on the thickness of your food, HotSpot gives you an unprecedented level of control over your cooking.

Constant Innovation

An amazing cooktop is only the beginning. As we develop new cooking apps, they can be downloaded directly via our app store. Previously, the only way to improve a cooktop was to buy a new one.