Cook with Confidence

Cook Like The Pros

The flat-top grill is the workhorse of the restaurant kitchen, providing unparalleled flavor. Now you can cook on a flat surface in your own kitchen.

Guided Recipes

If you’re an adventurous cook, you no longer need to fumble with your phone or tablet, as you try to cook while reading a new recipe. You can get step-by-step directions as you try cooking a new dish.

Constant Innovation

The pixelated grill is only the beginning. As we develop new cooking apps, they can be downloaded directly to your cooktop. Previously, the only way to improve your cooktop was to buy a new one.

You love to cook. The AssistiveCooking services on our touchscreen let you cook in new and exciting ways.

Even Cooking Technology

If you place food directly on HotSpot CookTop, it can apply more heat to thicker areas and less heat to thinner areas to ensure the food is cooked evenly.

Bespoke Recipe Recommendations

Finding amazing recipes is easier than ever. We recommend personalized recipes to you based on what you’ve previously made on the cooktop.